About ManiCore Solutions

We are passionate about our work and strive to
provide the best quality products

ManiCore Solutions take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, as one of the largest and well-diversified distributor and supplier of a vast range of Industrial, Electrical, Fabrication, Safety and Hygiene products and services.

We specialize in catering to critical and time bound requirements of Industries and establishments by providing ONE STOP SOLUTION, to various technical and general requisites.

ManiCore Solutions, assures our valued clients of superior quality products and efficient services confirming to International standards, picked and carefully.

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Building Excellence

Building Materials

Elevating Construction Standards with Quality Materials and Expert Services.

Timber & Wood
Building Materials

Delivering superior building materials and services, ensuring durability, safety, and innovation for every construction project. 

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Engineering Success

& Equipment

Quality Machinery and Equipment Solutions for Industrial Innovation.

Office Machinery
Industrial Equipment
Ships and Aircraft 

Delivering Quality Machinery and Equipment Solutions for Enhanced Industrial Performance.

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Growing Excellence

Agricultural Raw Material

Harvesting Quality: Your Trusted Source for Premium Agricultural Raw Materials and Services

Live Animals
Textile Raw Materials
Semi-Finished Goods

Premium products and services for agricultural raw materials, ensuring sustainability and productivity. 

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Powering Industries

Fuels & Ores

Fueling Progress: Your Reliable Partner for Quality Products and Services in Fuels and Ores

Metals and Industrial Chemicals
Including Fertilizers

Discover excellence in our range of products and services tailored for fuels and ores. From extraction to utilization, we ensure reliability and sustainability, empowering industries to thrive with premium resources and comprehensive support solutions.

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Savor Perfection

Food & Beverages

Elevating the Taste, Trust, and Quality in Food and Beverage Solutions.

Premium Ingredients
Tailored Solutions
Quality Assurance

Delivering top-notch food and beverage solutions, ensuring taste, safety, and satisfaction.

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Stitching Excellence

Textile & Fabric

Elevating Textile Standards with Quality Products and Tailored Services."

Textiles & Fur
Footwear and Leather Goods

Offering premium textile products and services, ensuring quality, durability, and innovation to meet diverse industry needs with excellence.

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Furnishing Excellence

Furniture Goods

Crafting Quality Furniture and Comprehensive Services for Comfortable Living Spaces.

Household Goods

Delivering premium furniture and related products, ensuring style, durability.

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Why Choose Us

Reliable quality, exceptional service, and a commitment to your satisfaction—choose us for unparalleled excellence.

On-Time preparation and installation of all products

Expert and experienced staff to install equipments

On-Time delivery with no compromise on standards

We offer premium & best quality products and services